Welcome to The Autoimmune Brain Summit

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Dr. Peter Osborne

  • How to heal painful chronic, degenerative, and autoimmune disorders with natural remedies
  • How gluten and morphine interact in your brain
  • How cutting gluten can reduce your pain, boost your immune system, and heal your brain

Dr. Amber Krogsrud

  • Breaking down peptides: understanding these amino acids once and for all
  • Which peptides to target to reverse your particular autoimmune disease
  • How peptides work with more traditional medicine to create better outcomes for patients with autoimmunity

Dr. Jackie Kilraine

  • How to turn down the pain in your brain with neurofeedback
  • How high beta brainwaves affect the pain of autoimmunity
  • How to reduce inflammation to reduce pain and other autoimmunity symptoms

Katie Kimball

  • How eating the right foods can help manage your kids’ autoimmune responses
  • How proper nutrition in childhood can reduce the likeliness of autoimmunity in adulthood
  • How Chron’s disease, rheumatoid arthritis, and more can be treated in the kitchen

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From Fatigued To Fabulous: 21 Ways To Hack Your Hormones For A Happy Life

By Dr. Keesha Ewers

Going from fatigued to energized is a process. It’s not usually one thing that creates an autoimmune disease, hormone havoc, or cancer. It’s not normally one food or one habit that causes you to gain weight. Likewise, it’s not just one intervention that’s going to get you to optimal health and full-vitality. What you’ll learn from this book: * The Seven Main Chemical Hormone Disruptors and Energy Drains * The Seven Main Food Hormone Disruptors and Energy Drains * The Seven Main Mental Hormone Disruptors and Energy Drains * How to Work with Food Effortlessly Through My Easy to Make Hormone Balancing, Anti-inflammatory, Energy-Boosting Medicinal Food Recipes