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Learn How to Stop Snapping at Your Husband, Kids and Boss

Autoimmune Disease 101 - What is it, What are the symptoms? How do I know if I have it? What can I do about it? (The Real Reason That Your Body is Betraying You and Your'e Not Getting Better)

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Dr. Tom O'Bryan

The Gluten Connection in Autoimmune Disease

Dr. Peter Osborne

Dr. Peter Osborne

Alkalinity vs Acidity in the Reversal of Autoimmunity

Dr. Connie Jeon

Dr. Connie Jeon

The 6 Keys to Beating Autoimmune Disease

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Palmer Kippola

Are You an Unexplained Medical Mystery?

Discover the 9 Survival Strategies That Operate in The Background of Every Choice You Make

Dr. Keesha Ewers

Dr. Keesha Ewers

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Self Care for Autoimmunity
By: Dr. Tiffany Caplan and Dr. Brent Caplan

Stress is a normal part of modern-day life. We can’t completely avoid it, but we can prevent it from building up and negatively impacting our health. Stress is one common trigger of autoimmune flare-ups, therefore integrating consistent self-care practices and techniques into everyday life that work for you is essential to achieving and maintaining remission!

This guide provides 8 simple and effective ways to practice self-care you can start today!

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Your 16 Biggest Energy Drains Zapping Your Health, Wellness & Happiness
By: Dr. Debi Silber

Ever wondered about the areas that are draining your energy? These drains are affecting every area of life from your mindset, to your health, relationships, work and so much more. We can’t change what we’re not aware of so here are 16 of the biggest energy drains to take note of. See which ones are affecting you!

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Art Therapy for Stress Reduction
By: Dr. Keesha Ewers

Did you know that coloring uses a part of the brain that is often left behind in our fast-paced, linear-leaning, productivity-oriented society. The mandalas in this coloring book range from simple geometric shapes to complex explosions of intricate designs without beginning or end. The act of coloring these sacred designs allows you to enlist your imaginative mind, your creative juices, and to tone the “rest-and-digest” part of your nervous system, giving the “fight-or-flight” portion some time off.


Dear God, How Can I Heal So That I May Love?
By: Margaret Paul, PH. D

In this eBook, discover a profound healing process.

This small ebook, accessed through Dr. Margaret Paul's spiritual guidance, brings clarity to the process of healing the fears of intimacy - of rejection and engulfment - that stand in the way of fully loving. You will learn what it means to love yourself so that you can share your love with others.

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10 Steps to a Healthy Brain
By: Dr. Christine Schaffner

Are you experiencing brain fog, inflammation, cognitive impairment? It’s time to detox your brain! Just like the rest of our body, our brain also needs to remove toxins and cellular waste to remain healthy. Dr. Schaffner's e-book "10 Steps to a Healthy Brain" is a great resource to learn how to improve your brain's ability to detoxify."

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Dr. Ingels Top 10 Immune Boosting Recipes
By: Dr. Darin Ingels

Dr. Ingels has put together some of his favorite immune boosting recipes in this free eBook. Each of the 10 dishes are fun to make for the whole family and delicious. It includes a combination of entries, salads, side dishes and desserts with ingredient lists and step by step instructions that are easy to prepare. We think you are going to love the variety of recipes that help build your immune system and help you in maintaining or restoring your health!

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