Emotional First Aid Kit

By: Dr. Keesha Ewers

The object of the Emotional First Aid Kit is to find things that work for you to stabilize your moods and bring you to a happier place. I’ve given you some ideas, but feel free to expand on these and really personalize your stabilizing toolkit! Make sure you incorporate all your senses and build an all-encompassing first aid kit that can help you keep calm – no matter what the situation!

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DIY Autoimmune Home Detox

By: Dr. Keesha Ewers

While it’s almost impossible to control our toxic exposure while out and about in modern cities, there’s a lot that can be done to detoxify the home. This book contains over 50 recipes that you can make from all-natural ingredients to replace potentially toxic chemicals in your day to day life and make your home, your body, and the planet a happier, healthier place.

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Mood Questionnaire

By: Dr. Keesha Ewers

Knowing what neurotransmitters are being impacted is the first step to fixing them. This is your first step to recovery from:

■ Anxiety
■ Panic
■ Insomnia
■ Depression
■ Irritability
■ Lack of Focus
■ Low Libido

Your scores in each of the five sections of this questionnaire (based on the work of Julia Ross) will identify which of your brain’s hormones are not communicating well.

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COVID-19 Expert Interview Series

By: Dr. Keesha Ewers

A global pandemic means global trauma - and it’s not just physical. Even if you haven’t been infected with or exposed to COVID-19, I’m sure you are feeling the impact. We all are. Humans are social creatures, and isolation can be lonely and terrifying, especially if you’re watching too many mainstream media reports. 

That’s why I’m bringing you this series of expert interviews. It’s time we talked about what we can do to protect ourselves and others, instead of becoming paralyzed with fear. It’s important to remember that there’s still a lot that you can control - for your own health and for the good of others.

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Non Toxic Beauty MakeOver Guide

By: Diane Kazer

Inside This Free Guide You'll Discover:

My most powerful hormone transforming tips designed to help you radically up-level your energy, mood & metabolism, fast.

Here’s what you can look forward to:

​* The REAL root cause for your Hormonal imbalances. And what to do about them…for GOOD.
​​* The Top 3 Supplements every woman needs for all day energy, natural beauty and soul vitality via gut, hormonal and cleansing support
​* ​How to ditch the bloat and get the SEXY BELLY you’ve been seeking (I created these steps alongside a world renowned GI doctor!)
​* ​How to amplify your body's ability to burn fat with our tribe's favorite digestive tonic (top athletes and bikini competitors were blown away by how effective this one is)
​* ​The BEST Way to Cleanse…most of us are taught band-aid solutions, which cause more hormonal upset. Let's do this right girl!
​* ​5 of my most POPULAR recipes that have helped women (and their family) kick caffeine, sugar and junk food to the CURB.

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 7 root causes of Mast Cell Activation Syndrome

By: Beth O'Hara

Beth has created this free guide for anyone who’s wondering if their health issues are related to Histamine Intolerance and Mast Cells. Here’s what you’ll learn:

* How those with chronic Lyme disease who aren’t getting better (and other sick people) might actually have Mast Cell Activation Syndrome
*Why “healthy” foods for those with Mast Cell Activation Syndrome can easily cause you to feel worse
*Little known Genetic factors that can determine whether you heal or not
*The secret hormone linchpin for Mast Cell Activation Syndrome recovery success
*Connecting mold, mycotoxins and histamine problems (simplified for you)
*Not to mention you’ll learn all of the 7 most common root causes I see in my Mast Cell Activation Syndrome clients.

Retail value of $39.00

Healthy Living eBook Bundle including "Chronic CEO - Your Chronic Illness Blueprint to Change Your Trajectory, Increase Productivity, and Maintain Balance."

By: Holly Bertone

Imagine…becoming the BOSS of your chronic illness and changing your trajectory. Finally! "Chronic CEO" walks you through the blueprint to change your trajectory, increase energy and productivity, and maintain balance. It maps out a game plan and gives you the resources you need to become the BOSS of your chronic illness. Plus you'll receive 10+ additional eBooks and printables to help you on your healing journey.

Retail value of $99.00

The 7 Steps to Healing Emotional Trauma and Building Resilience

By: Niki Gratrix

Get your Adverse Childhood Event (ACE) Score.
Understand the prevalence and impact of ACEs on health across a lifetime.
Understand the mechanisms of how your childhood biography becomes your biology in adulthood.
Learn and apply the 7 Steps to Healing Childhood Trauma and Building Resilience.

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Hot, Not Bothered

By: Debra Atkinson

Hot, Not Bothered: 99 Daily Flips to Slimmer, Trimmer, Fitter Faster So You Can Master Menopause Metabolism Before, During, and (long) After Menopause is a book with small simple daily tips, reminders, and reinforcing messages about just how much little things matter. Improve your next workout, your next sleep, or your next morning or more with these little changes- all 99+ backed by research about women in perimenpause and beyond.

Retail value of $99 (including bonuses)

QuickStart Guide to Great Gut Health for Kids

By: Elissa Arnheim

Simple steps you can start today to give your child more health and happiness - by giving them great gut health!

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Emotional Freedom Technique to Curb Sugar Cravings and Sugar Addiction Webinar

By: Florence Christophers

This 2-hour webinar details the 3 biggest mistakes people make when trying to kick sugar. Identify and fix these mistakes and freedom can come quickly and easily. This webinar includes a complimentary 30-minute private coaching call where you can ask me anything about the webinar and how to get sugar free using the strategies and insights I share.

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Dr. Cass' Brain Questionnaire

By: Dr. Hyla Cass

Nationally acclaimed innovator and expert in the fields of integrative medicine, psychiatry, and addiction recovery, Dr. Cass helps individuals to take charge of their health. She specializes in helping individuals to withdraw from both psychiatric medication and substances of abuse with the aid of natural supplements. 

Dr. Cass appears often as a guest on national radio and television, including The Doctors, The Dr. Oz Show, E! Entertainment, and The View, and in national print media. She is the author of several best-selling books including: Natural Highs, 8 Weeks to Vibrant Health, Supplement your Prescription: What Your Doctor Doesn’t Know About Nutrition, and The Addicted Brain and How to Break Free.

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Discover the 3 Stages of Recovery from Childhood Abuse

By: Rachel Grant

The road to recovery is much easier when you know what stage you're in and what to do next. Find out exactly where you are in your healing journey and what kind of support you need right now. This FREE 9-page guide will give you the answers you've been seeking.

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EBook: 5 Steps to a Healthy, Happy Child

By: Dr. Elisa Song

As mamas and papas, we all want to make sure that our kids are healthy and happy, and experience lives full of vitality and wellness. But how do we that?

How do we make sure that we give our kids the best chance in life, when so many of our kids are suffering from chronic health concerns such as ADHD, autism, autoimmune illness, anxiety, depression, asthma, eczema, reflux and chronic constipation?

Now, more than ever, we as parents need to know what to do, and what NOT to do.
I’m holistic mama doc – Elisa Song, MD. Read on as I share the 5 steps that I’ve learned in my decades as a holistic integrative pediatrician and mama to raising healthy, happy kids for a lifetime

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Empowerment Visualization Meditation

By: Ashley Easter

Step into your strength, tap into your intuition, and embrace your future self in this powerful visualization meditation.

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The B.I.T.C.H. Code Blueprint

By: Antia Boyd

Get FREE Access To The B.I.T.C.H. Code Blueprint PDF, PLUS A Free 1:1 "Magnetize Your Man" 15 Min. Heart-2-Heart Call With Antia Below (9 Spots Available!)

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Smoothie Recipe Book

By: Chantel Ray

Over 20 delicious and healthy smoothie recipes.

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What the EMF? Creating a Healthy Home: Air and Water

By: Risa Suzuki

Cleaning up EMFs in your home is a great start to making your house start working for your health and not taking away from it. This guide and checklist from Risa will help you get on your way to remediating EMF fields in your home!

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List of Addictive Substance and Foods That Are Actually Foods

By: Dr. Joan Ifland

Distinguishing between foods that are actually addictive substances and foods that are actually food can be challenging. Dr. Joan Ifland has provided a list of suggested unprocessed foods with quantities and the excluded food list for you as a resource.

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What A Good Eater!

By: Alessandra Macaluso

This free gift contains recipes, great information, and a sampling of herbs and spices we feature in our book along with their health benefits and ideas for how to use them in your kitchen every day for babies and toddlers.

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